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Reliable Landscape provides only the highest quality landscape maintenance services throughout the LA and Orange County areas of Southern California. We have been maintaining commercial lawns and landscapes since 1973 with expert solutions and advice to ensure our clients properties are safe, healthy, and appealing to employees and guests.  Your property will look its best with regularly scheduled maintenance by Reliable Landscape!

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services Include:
  • Lawn and Mowing Services
    •  Trim all lawns once per week to maintain vigorous green growing condition coupled with string trimming for a neat, groomed appearance.
    •  Edge and trim all walks and entrance areas.
    •  Remove leaves and trash from lawn areas weekly.
    • Fertilize 6 times yearly using 16-6-8 analysis.
    • Annual sowing of winter seeding to assure green color all year.
    • Annual turf aeration to provide optimal root growth.
  • Tree Care
    • Maintain a bottom skirting of trees.
    • Maintain lower branches that are considered hazard to pedestrians.
    • Stake trees or loosen supports to assure proper growth.
    • Install tree guards where line trimmer is present.
  • Mulching Services
    • Recycling of all branches and clippings.
  • Shrubbery & Planter Care
    • Trim all shrubbery and vines for healthy groomed appearance.
    • Trim ground cover near buildings, walkways, around trees and shrubs as required.
    • Cultivate and remove weeds in planter beds weekly.
    • Fertilize planter beds twice yearly using 15-15-15 analysis.
    • Maintain all paved areas in a weed free condition.
    • Removal of leaves and debris from planters weekly.
    • Color Change-outs.
  • Irrigation Service
    • Visually inspect irrigation system weekly. Minor repairs made weekly as needed.
    • Clean and adjust all sprinkler heads for proper coverage with minimal water run off..
    • Program all sprinkler clocks as needed.
    • On-Call irrigation repair supervisor.
  • Pest Control
    • Shrub pest and gopher control measures as necessary.
  • Clean-Up
    • Sweep and remove all debris from sidewalks and hardscape weekly for that well groomed appearance.
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