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  Reliable Landscape & Maintenance Company, Inc. was founded in 1973 and has been providing the highest quality landscaping and maintenance services to the southland for nearly 40 years and has the experience and expertise to meet all of your landscaping needs. Headquartered in Buena Park, our service area extends throughout much of LA and Orange Counties, as well as parts of the Inland Empire and San Diego. Being family owned and operated has allowed Reliable Landscape to assemble a dedicated staff of professionals; some with the company for over 20 years, who are experienced in all aspects of landscape construction, installation and maintenance. Reliable Landscape's founder, Neil DiBlosi, is a hands-on manager who is personally involved in every aspect of the company's daily operations. Our superior horticultural expertise and focus on customer service has promoted a long history of customer satisfaction. From initial design and installation, enhancing existing landscapes, or providing exceptional quality maintenance services, Reliable Landscape will exceed your expectations.

  Keeping your landscape in peak condition all year long not only enhances your property's appeal, but helps to safeguard your investment. Reliable Landscape believes that year-long landscape excellence requires regular care and a proactive maintenance plan. Reliable Landscape works with it's clients to develop customized maintenance programs designed to keep their landscapes beautiful and healthy all year long. We use the latest technology in irrigation controls and satellite controllers, to the most up to date method of controlling diseases with the least amount of negative environmental impact. Our quality control strategies prevent horticultural disease and inhibit complications limiting unnecessary costs to our clients. We also recycle all waste and tree trimmings.

  Our high safety standards and thorough knowledge of horticultural science translates to increased beauty and value for your properties. Whether a business center, corporate campus, or homeowners association, Reliable Landscape & Maintenance Company, Inc. is your landscape partner. Contact a Reliable Landscape maintenance expert today to begin designing a maintenance program specifically tailored to your property's individual landscape needs.

Reliable Landscape & Maintenance Company, Inc. is fully Bonded and Insured. License #413932

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